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Unwanted Behavior with Office Integration

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Solution Partner Genius

Hello everyone,

I have a weird behavior with the integration Office.
Indeed when I double click on an Office dataset, this one seems to check out in Teamcenter, however in Offices it does not seem it, the icons are not all activated and the mapped properties are not synchronized.

2018-07-22_20h26_33.pngBefor doble click2018-07-22_20h26_59.pngAfter doble click2018-07-22_20h27_20.pngIn OfficeWhen I try in office with "open and check out" directly on the dataset, I have access to all the icons in officeand properties are synchronized.



How could I have this behavior on double-click ?


Best regards,


Re: Unwanted Behavior with Office Integration

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Ben, 


I'd be interested to see a solution for this also. 

I believe this is quite a well known issue with the intergration. 

I have atually now adviced people to only open through the MS application as we where also finding that when opened through Teamcenter the document was being saved to a temp location and not back to Teamcenter. 


Thanks Matt 

Re: Unwanted Behavior with Office Integration

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Solution Partner Honored Contributor
@benjamin1, You can try disabling "implicit" checkout (TC_Enable_Implicit_CO = false) to solve your issue (see also TC_Auto_Checkout,TC_overwrite_protection) however this will result in a business process change as users will need to explicitly checkout before they can modify.

@Cox_Matt, disabling "implicit" checkout is likely the cause of files in temp as you usually "Export files on checkout" which will write them to TEMP (or wherever you've set the export dir).

There are advantages and disadvantages to each solution. The business will have to pick the lesser of two impacts on performance.

Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
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Re: Unwanted Behavior with Office Integration


Good afternoon, I also encountered this when I tested the mechanism for creating Markup in MS Word with the integration of Teamcenter, so that it worked correctly you need to open the document from Word using the Teamcenter tab, otherwise Markup does not work normally. Most likely this is how the integration with MS Office works. Moreover, it causes problems if you use several rich clients. To open a MS Word document from Teamcenter, you need FCC, and hence the FMS_HOME environment variable, and it reads the environment variable of your computer's parameters. When you use several rich clients, you usually set FMS_HOME when you run a rich client. But MS Word with Teamcenter integration works separately from a rich client (it does not read FMS_HOME, which is set when the rich client starts up). I have so far found a way out, this is to create two shortcuts for MS Word each with its FMS_HOME and I do not really like it.