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Update Projects outside of the RAC

Does anyone know of a way to update Projects outside of the RAC? For example, I have let's say 100 Projects and I would like to add the entire DBA group as Team Administrators to every project. How can I do this without doing it in the RAC? Or add a single user to all Projects? Any suggestions would be great. Is there an api call that I can use to create a utility? Is there a utility I can run in a TC cmd prompt? 


Jamie Griffis


Re: Update Projects outside of the RAC

I am searching for the same solution.


I found the following reference in GTAC's IR 7537106.


"The make_user and update_project utility cannot add users to an existing

The create_project utiltiy can be used to assign users during creating of a
project, but it cannot be used update an existing project.

New to Teamcenter 11.2 there is a way to add users to an existing project thru
a Project Security Workflow.  While this is not a command line utility, it
does offer an OOTB alternative.  This is not available in any release of Tc

Siemens' Services group has a utility called ips_data_upload.  This utility
was created and is maintained by the Services group and is not part of
Teamcenter and is therefore not available to GTAC or available to customers
from the GTAC site.

The ips_data_upload utility does have the capability to add users to an
existing project.

For details on the ips_data_upload utility, contact Siemens Sale or Siemens






Re: Update Projects outside of the RAC

I have IPS Uploader. You cannot change users with this tool. You can load the projects with some of the members but not all. We ended up using the create_project to load the projects and made a custome ITK program to update/add/modify the users and members. Siemens needs an OOTB non-RAC based solution for this.



Re: Update Projects outside of the RAC

Thanks Jamie for saving me from the trouble of going down the (deadend) IPS upload path.

Re: Update Projects outside of the RAC

You are welcome. I found a Gtac article month ago stating IPS Uploader would not update projects. I tried to make it work for probably 2 full days. It isn't possible from my opinion.