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Updating machinery library


Hello everyone!


I'm having troubles figuring out how I update the machinery library in Teamcenter... the documentation for the install tool is quite clear, however it doesn't behave as expected. I've installed the out-of-the-box library on the server, and now I have edited the spreadsheets for the part families inside the "libs" folder of the install tool. I've added some custom attributes that are already mapped and present in TC, but when I choose to upgrade the existing installation with the install tool the changes are ignored and the parts that are already installed remain unchanged. I would've expected that the install tool detects that the parts on the server are older and creates a new revision with the additional attributes? Or do I have to release the item revisions first? I've tried everything I could think of and nothing worked so far!

I'm looking forward to your suggestions!





Re: Updating machinery library


Nevermind - turns out the "DIN.txt" file inside the "DIN" folder is required for precisely this behaviour, and we had thrown it out believing it was optional. Since we renamed all the files we will have to recreate it manually.