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Upgrade Path of TC 9 to TC 11



We are about to upgrade from TC9 to TC 11. What would be the best version to go in TC 11. What criteria we need to consider when we are doing the upgrade. Any help will be appreciated.





Re: Upgrade Path of TC 9 to TC 11

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An important consideration are the integrations you require. Development doesn't normally release integrations with the main release and they are usually delivered at a later date. Some integrations can take a long time before they are released and you can upgrade Tc but most are released within a couple of months after. Ensure that ALL integrations your business requires are available.

My best advice is to consult GTAC then stick to the versions you select. No late changes to the software versions during the upgrade. If testing reveals that you need a feature/fix in a more recent patch then you have to go through the whole "version selection' process again to validate.

Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
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