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Upgrade TCX9.1 to TCRs11.2

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Solution Partner Genius

Hello guys,


This is my first post on the forum :)


I want to make an upgrade of a Teamcenter express 9.1 to a Teamcenter Rapidstart 11.2.

So far I was told to first upgrade to TCRs10.1 before upgrading to 11.2.

But when I checked on the siemens GTAC, I saw on an upgrade matrix that I could do it in only one upgrade (from Express9.1 to rapidstart11.2)


So I wanted to know if someone already did it successfully and how. Is there some special measures to take during the process because of the changes in the windows and MySQLserver's prerequisites ? Also if there is some documentation avalaible because I couldn't find any on the GTAC, I will be happy to know about it.

My goal is to reach a teamcenter unified 11.2 so I also wanted to know if I would meet any issues if I when I'll upgrade my rapidstart into a unified.

Thank you in advance for any guidance, help or advices you could be able to give me. I truly appreciate.


Best regards,



Re: Upgrade TCX9.1 to TCRs11.2

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Solution Partner Honored Contributor
@Benjamin, Best practice is to "clone" you current environment to a "test" environment where you can practice the upgrade and rollback if you run into trouble. Start by standing up servers using the new OS. Then install the newest MS SQL (MySQL isn't supported). Install your current (old) software and take a snapshot (backup). Basically you have a vanilla installation running on the latest HW/OS. Now comes the tricky part ... cloning. You will be copying the DB, TC_DATA and Volumes from your current installation and replacing the vanilla. Then you have some specific steps to morph (change) the copied stuff into your new "test" environment. When everything is done correctly and you've validated a login then you can take a snapshot (backup) and drop the previous "vanilla" snapshot. This will be your rollback point for the upgrade trial. With everything in place you can start your upgrade. That's the high level and the devil is in the details.

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