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Re: User Login History




Hi Randy, 


I am trying to create a summary report in Report Builder.


I have my query and property set ready; however to write down xsl stylesheet to define report layout; I need to know the TCXML schema, tags to fetch values, How can I get xml format..?


I tried generating report without mentioning xsl format hoping it would open the results in XML format; however It popped up error message.


Could you guide me on how to get hold of XML.

Re: User Login History

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I get the XML by running the report then generate the XSL to format it the way I want it to look. After which I can apply the XSL in Report Builder so that future reports look the way I want. The first step is getting the report to run successfully before trying to pretty it up. But I may not understand your issue?

Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
NX 11 | SW 2016 | Creo 4 | TcUA 11.4
Evaluating: AW 3.4

Re: User Login History


Thanks for reponse @RandyEllsworth


I am trying to generate report to get xml (without specifying any xsl, ideally that should give me xml version)

but teamcenter is throwing error for ANY report if I dont provide any xsl(previously working fine)


This looks like product bug. 


Re: User Login History


Thanks again @RandyEllsworth


Yes, There is issue with TC 11.3 + windows 7. I could generate the xml on server machine.

Got an IR opened.