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Validation of a project

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Hello guys,


Do you know it's possible to validate a project ?


Thank you in advance.




Re: Validation of a project

Dear Benjamin,


If you are just want to validate if an object is assigned to a project or not, you can use workflow to validate the same.

You can use EPM-check-object-properties handler to validate owning_project or project_list based on your need.


Instead if you are looking for any specific validation, appraoch depends on type of validation required





Re: Validation of a project

Hi Mahendra,


What I would like is validate the project itself:


Validate  01-Projet 1Validate 01-Projet 1


The use case is:

- The Boss aprouve  the specification (released)
- A project space is created (here 01-Project 1) with dedicated resources
- Registered users created data (visible only by them)
- Validation of the data (released)
- Then to finish the project is validated (the data become visible to any other users in the company)


Do you think to validate project is posible ? or you you have another idea to fulfill this use case ?


Re: Validation of a project



Project validation through workflow mechanism (means subjecting 01-Project 1 to teamcenter workflow template) will not work as workflows cannot be triggered on tc_projects.



Can you describe the actions/events planned as part of project validation? (say approval to allow release of project content, prevent users from adding content to closed project etc) this will help us understand what fits best in Teamcenter for the use case.



Re: Validation of a project



Effectively,what I would like is:


- Project not released :

  • Only the resources allocated to the project can add data on it
  • Only the resources allocated to the project can see that data

- Project released :

  • All the person of the company can see data
  • people can adding data on it

Best regards,