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Volume monitor


Is there a way to export the report/output from volume monitor


Re: Volume monitor

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Which Teamcenter release?

In Teamcenter 10.1.7 there is no option to print the list. Usually there is a small icon near the right of the title bar of the list to print it.

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Re: Volume monitor


Am using TC 11.2 version

Re: Volume monitor

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Valued Contributor

Hi Maharaja,


Did you try review_volumes utility?


 This utility can generate a report file describing volume usage by various groups and users, as well as reporting any unreferenced operating system files, missing operating system files, and unreferenced Teamcenter files. 



review_volumes [-u=user-id {-p=password | -pf=password-file-g=group]
-v=volume -rf= file-name | -if=file-name
[-of=file-name] [-zf=file-name] [ -lv]
[-parallel=number-of-parallel-processes] [-rfolder=folder-name


 To generate a report on a single volume, enter the following command on a single line:


review_volumes -u=user-id -p=password -g=group -v=volume -rf=file-name 



Runs the utility against a single, specified volume. This argument is required unless the -lv or -parallel argument are specified.



Creates a report file listing unreferenced files in volumes.


The -of, -if, and -zf arguments do not work in combination with the -rf argument. When the -rf argument is present, only the report file generation is performed.