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Watermark PDFs


Hi All,


Is there a way to setup a workflow to add a watermark to a pdf, then remove it after an approval step within the workflow? 


Example: PDF of a drawing is routed for approval.  Step 1: Add "Pending" watermark to the pdf.  Step 2: document is reviewed and approved.  Step 3: Remove "Pending" watermark and status the pdfs to 60.





Re: Watermark PDFs


you need to create the pdf twice with the dispatcher, you can not remove th watermark

- with watermark "Pending"

- without watermark


Frederik Verscheure
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Re: Watermark PDFs

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Solution Partner Honored Contributor
Actually you can. A watermark can only be added to a PDF upon creation (Dispatcher). However, you can change the watermark after it has been created (second step). For instance, if you wanted to change "Pending" to "Released" at different steps in the workflow or simply change the watermark from "Pending" to " ". When changing a watermark you can change the position, type, font, color, orientation, etc. The only limitation is that the watermark must already exist in the PDF for it to be changed.

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