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What causes an object to be "Frozen" and how to "Unfreeze" these objects?

Our database currently has numerous datasets, of multiple types like PDF, DXF, Word, etc., that are "Frozen". We know this because when admins try to clean up the data by taking actions like deleting or changing ownership to another group, we recieve errors similar to below and the action fails:


The object is frozen.

You do not have change rights for this ACL




The issue we are facing is that the admins are using DBA with Bypass to attempt the actions so we know we have full rights and we are confident that from an ACL perspective have the highest level of permission.


One side note is that, we are able to take action once the ImanFile/Named Reference is deleted from the dataset container, but after that point, we need to reupload the data which is very inconvenient.


So could anyone assist with the mechanism we have overlooked? Is there a flag we are unfamiliar with that needs to be set or preference that we needs to be set or a known workaround?


Also any insight into how an object get set to be "Frozen" would be very helpful as well. 


Any assistance and/or insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!


Re: What causes an object to be "Frozen" and how to "Unfreeze" these objects?

The dataset is corrupted in some way or another. I think the error message you are seeing doesn't describe the problem very well as it's not really access related. We have seen similar things, not really sure what's causing it.