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Where are user created perspectives stored?



At the company I work for, we encourage the users to replace the default perspective "My Teamcenter" with a recommended configuration of windows in TC, for our way of working. However, since TC 11 upgrade we have a lot of issues in the clients, where the best and quickest fix is to clear the cache. This removed the users configuration of the "My Teamcenter" perspective, and they must set up the perspectives again.


Does anyone know where the users perspectives (or edits of default perspectives, as in this case) are stored?

I have looked in different org.eclipse.core.runtime files and org.eclipse.ui. workbench, but I can't really read out where to find it.


I need this information, or any other ideas you might have, to avoid clearing the perspectives when clearing the cache. Thanks!


Kind regards // Maria Åberg, Atlas Copco Rock Drills AB Sweden


Re: Where are user created perspectives stored?

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You might want to explore the meta data in the client cache itself:
com.teamcenter.rac.aifrcp contains Perspectives
com.teamcenter.rac.contextmenusuppression contains Menu Suppression's
com.teamcenter.rac.kernal contains Login dialog info
com.teamcenter.rac.toolbar.customization contains Toolbar's
com.teamcenter.rac.util contains Cookie's
com.teamcenter.rac.vns contains Views
org.eclipse.ui.workbench contains UI size and position

Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
NX 11 | SW 2016 | Creo 4 | TcUA 11.4
Evaluating: AW 3.4

Re: Where are user created perspectives stored?


Thanks Randy!

I also managed to dig out a few of those files on my own, but it seems like information regarding the perspectives are stored in many different files, for example here:

C:\Users\tmgmaag\Teamcenter\PROD\20160818153506\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.runtime\.settings and
for example.
But looking at it, the suggestion you gave seems to be the master document. I will try to see if I can figure it out, which files I need to keep when clearing the cache, to avoid having to redo my perspectives all the time...