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Windchill data to Teamcenter

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

Has anyone migrated Windchill data to Teamcenter?


We have a biggest customer, and right now they need change Windchill 10 toward Teamcenter 10


Somebody knows if we have tools for this migration?


I appreciate any comment.

Juan Carlos

Re: Windchill data to Teamcenter

Too late for a response i guess.

But any way, I have migrated huge data from Windchill to Teamcenter.

I used ETL approach.
E - There were couple of tools used from Windchill to extract the metadata and physical files. One OOTB was WBM others were custom developed inhouse.
T - A custom built transformation utility for transforming the data. We did not use the commercial application available in the market, we built one for our self.
T - And a custom wrapper application to load the data into Teamcenter. Most of the OOTB utilities, plmxml utilities, CREO integration utility were used.