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Workflow Audit signoff report TC8.3

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Hello All,


Imagine I have a two step workflow -> "do" task followed by a "review" task .

demote-on-reject handler is configured to come back to "do" task when the "review" task is rejected.


If I initiate the workflow on an object, assign the reivew task to user1 and if User 1 rejects the task , the audit signoff report contains correct information

Now, If user 1 delegates the task to user 2 and if user 2 approves/rejects the task, the audit signoff report for that particular task is being overwritten


In other words, the audit signoff report contains information about the latest reviewer only. The HTML report does not contain complete information right from user1 till user2.


On the other hand, the audit file has complete information and it clearly shows user1 performed on that task and then delegated to user 2 who inturn approved/rejected that task


There is no limitation on the number of rows in the html table. I've checked that. It is just giving me the information about latest reviewer only.


Application Versions tested : TC8.3 and TC9.1

Platform tested : windows 7 x86 & x64


I think this is the expected behavior. If so, is there any way to customize this report generation

Could someone please guide me in displaying complete information about that particular task in the signoff report.


Thanks in advance

Sree Harsha