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Workflow - Optional Reviewers


Just upgraded to TC11.3 and see new capability "Optional" when a workflow assignment is made.

Anyone know the rest of the story. Seems like it has no affect if I select "Required" or not. I assigned myself and another user to the workflow, and both were required for the workflow to complete. I marked only one as requried. THX!! 


Re: Workflow - Optional Reviewers




I havent tried in TC11.3 but this is the behavior in TC 11.2.x. I believe the behavior shouldnt change Smiley Happy

Firstly there are couple of other things that play a role along with the required flag


Signoff Quorum

Wait for undecided reviewers flag

Ofcourse Required flag against signoff member


Lets say, if you have review task with 'Wait for undecided reviewers' is unflagged and signoff quorum is 1. If there are two reviewers (User A and User B). Lets assume signoff of User B is set as Required.

In this case, Teamcenter waits for User B's signoff irrespective of User A's decision.

If User B is not set as Required in the above scenario, perform-signoff task will be completed as soon as User B have given his/her signoff.

If 'Wait for undecided reviewers' is flagged, TC would obviously wait for signoff from all members irrespective of Required flag.


I hope the above example helps