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Workflow Process

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Hello Experts,

Is it possible to achieve the following via a Workflow Process?


  • I have 2D Item saved to TC with a specific relation and this relation has my associated 3D Item Revision
  • I have a property called catiaV5_3DLink on my 3D Item Revision


  • Now i need a workflow process to copy the 2D Item ID/Revision on to this associated 3D Property (catiaV5_3DLink). This has to happen even if my 3D is Read only.


Any thoughts here? Many Thanks


Re: Workflow Process

Dear Arun

Its not very clear from your question what is required.
But you can trying using EPM-set-property action handler in the workflow to copy attribute information from either Primary to Secondary or vice versa.
You can optionally use -bypass argument of the handler to update the attributes even if the object is read only