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Workflow filtered by custom field



I have created a workflow to export pdf drawings and a custom dataset, I have very little knowledge of workflow programming so I did by combining two existing workflows created by our reseller. Now I would like to learn a little bit more and improve the new workflow by filtering the exportion by item releases that contains a custom field with a specific valor. the custom field is already created and filled I just need to add the filter to the workflow. How can I do that?


Re: Workflow filtered by custom field


Handlers in workflows either act on Targets or References or both.  I don't know which handler you are using to export with....


What you need is to move anything you don't want exporting to the references folder.  You can do this in 2 ways...

  1. use the EPM-move-attached-objects handler using the -include_type handler, but in your case I don't think this will deliver.
  2. Put a query in your workflow which searches for custom property value, and add the -reference argument to the EPM-set-condition handler for the query.  This will move anything that doesnt match your query requirement to the references folder.  You can then run your export, and then add the EPM-move-attached-objects handler to move all the rererences back to targets.

Take a look at the workflow designer guide.




Richard Bennett
PLM Consultant