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Workflow to query item status

Hello Experts,


I am building a workflow that will search through all revisions and check the status. The idea is that at no point will there ever be two released revisions for an item. Currently, I have it built that it only checks previous revisions. For example,



     Rev A - Hold

     Rev B - Hold

     Rev C - Hold

     Rev D - Released


Lets say I want to release rev C because rev D is not performing as expected. When I run my workflow on rev C, the workflow checks all later revisions. So, rev B is Hold and rev A is Hold therefor the workflow progresses and rev C is released. But, rev D is also released and I now have two released revisions.


How can I make it so that the workflow will search the entire structure for revision statuses? Or, has anyone performed this action/something similar before?


Ideally, in my scenerio above an error would occur prior to release.


Thanks for your help, as always


Re: Workflow to query item status

We are just going to work around this. Having a do task for the operators to double check for additional released items. To check all previous revisions, use a validate task.
-previous_statusSmiley FrustratedP5_Hold