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Workflow : verify status "TCM Released"




I want to create a workflow which verify if the status of the selected object is "TCM Released. Either status is "TCM Released" and nothing is done, or status is different of "TCM Released" and status becomes "TCM Released"

In joined file, you can see my workflow and the handler associated to the task to verify status of the selected object.

In all test, the steps of workflow are : Start - task1 - ouFinal - Finish. It's never pass by step ToReleased.

Thanks by advance for your help. 


Re: Workflow : verify status "TCM Released"


release_status_list is a typed reference. I dont think you can check for a value using a validation task? You would have to compound release_status_list property.


I think you need to create a query, based on the class of your ItemRevision with a clause of: = TCM Released.

Put this query in a condition task.

Append the query name with "__" so that it doesnt show up for users, only DBAs.

Remember, you will have to modify the scope to all, any or none and control what the targets are when the query is executed.


attached are 2 screenshots.



Richard Bennett
PLM Consultant

Re: Workflow : verify status "TCM Released"

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

Hello mag91! Try add it to the Start action, not the Perform action. Solution from ProspectPLM should also work well.

Re: Workflow : verify status "TCM Released"

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

I do this type of checking in my Workflows.  It's pretty simple actually.


Just use the EPM-check-target-status WF handler in a Validation Task and route it successfully if passed and set the error path to your alternate task to assign the status.


Or simpler yet, use the same handler in your Start task to block the WF right from the start if it doesn't have the status.


There are a number of ways to check status and perform an action if the target doesn't comply.

Larry Carpenter, P.E.
CAxPLM Architect @ Siemens Molecular Imaging
Past Board Member @ PLM World, Inc,

Re: Workflow : verify status "TCM Released"


Thanks for all yours answers.

My workflows works like as I want.