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XFORM Utility

I remember a while ago there used to be "xform utility" in Teamcenter that kind of updates the Transformation matrix of the assembly.


I have a scenario now where i need to have two different assemblies side by side in Structure Manager and transfer/copy the Transformation matrix from one to another.


These two structures are related to each other by a special relation. So the JT data from the parent is made visible on the derived data but unfortunately the Transformation matrix goes missing.


We though about excel live + VB scripts to do this. But can this be done from Teamcenter itself?

There are no utilities available. We are using TC 11.


Any tip here. Thanks

Accepted by topic author ArunG
‎06-23-2016 04:56 AM

Re: XFORM Utility

Just fyi:

Publish --> Structure Alignment option from Multi structure Manager does this.