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admin_data_import BUG or working as intended?




i'm new to Teamcenter, just had some basic training and now i try to get myself started on teamcenter and some of the command line tools. I used admin_data_import to import SavedQueries from one of our test systems to my personal test system.


admin_data_import -u=infodba -p=XXX -g=dba -inputPackage=C:\tmpcad\ -adminDataTypes=SavedQueries -dryrun

-> The report shows all is fine


admin_data_import -u=infodba -p=XXX -g=dba -inputPackage=C:\tmpcad\ -adminDataTypes=SavedQueries

-> The real import using the default merge option also doesn't show any issues


However the import did not only import the SavedQueries as expected, but the entire Organization part additionally! Userpasswords are overwritten, Groups/Roles/Users imported and even Volumes created!


From a quick look it seems the import has created/altered all Users that had a SavedQuery, along with Groups/Roles/Volumes etc that are related to that users.

That behaviour was total unexpected from my side. Is this how it should work or a bug?


I tried to restore from this state by importing the prior made export of the Organization on my personal test system, but that leaves me with all objects restored to the former state (atleast that works), but all objects that were not present prior to the import are still in the system.


Now that is somehow expected, as the merge Option only treats objects with conflict. But it doesn't help me to clean up the mess. Is there a way to entirely replace the existing Organization with an import, so that no remains of the former Organization remain?





Re: admin_data_import BUG or working as intended?

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It's working as designed. You have to have the supporting Organization that is referred to in the saved queries hence you get it all. Person, User, Role, Group, Group Member and Volume. You may still need to bring in the ACL Tree too.


There is no easy way to clean up this mess and the Organization is foundational to Teamcenter. That means you have a BUNCH of manual work to delete the offending data and it's not easy. Imports are messy things and you have to do a lot of due diligence to ensure the safety of your environment. The easiest way is to create a backup before attempting a large operation (anything too big for you to spend a lot of time cleaning up). VM's are the easiest to backup and restore. Real HW requires much more effort (DB, Volumes, TC_ROOT, TC_DATA, etc.).


Now you know the dangers and I'm sure you won't quickly forget this lesson. Get to cleaning.

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