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cannot delete in Teamcenter; Item already exist


Hi Folks,


I want to delete ABCD.ASM but its says item already exist.  I think the error is that TC recognize ABCD_ASM same as the item I want to delete.  I do not have any log errors that can be access.  Please let me know your inputs.  Usually we can export the dataset from ABCD_ASM then delete it so that I can delete ABCD.ASM as well.  In this case I cannot delete ABCD_ASM because it is used or referenced by a lot of parts and assemblies.9-8-2014 10-00-39 AM.jpg


Re: cannot delete in Teamcenter; Item already exist


Hay Cycanimo

File delete assembly is more complex, because all part is reference in the other assembly.

For your case, ABCD.ASM cant be delete same with ABCD_ASM please your check reference and make sure in structure manager all part was remove then save. back to item master ABCD file to delete it, plaese trying