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checkForSave on custom java form

Has anyone been able to get "checkForSave()" to actually work on a custom Java form? CheckForSave() is a function on the AbstractRendering object that I'm extending for my form. 


I'm using a custom java form to create an ECO form and if someone clicks on another object while editing the form they lose all their changes without a warning. The checkForSave function is suppose to be able to run custom code when someone selects a new object but it seems to never fire.


I'm working in TC 8.3.3 but I'm curious if anyone has been able to get this to work in any TC version.

Accepted by topic author TrevorPearson
‎11-07-2016 01:42 PM

Re: checkForSave on custom java form

I talked with GTAC and they said I need to add the below function. This works for me!

public boolean isRenderingModified(){

   logical isModified = true;

   //add custom code here to determine if form is modified

  return isModified;



checkForSave() doesn't seem to do anything. The 8.3 documentation is wrong.