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combine Teamcenter Attributes


Hello to everybody.

I've been recently 'awarded' as administrator of our Teamcenter installation (still using 9.1, planned to upgrade to 11 by the end of the year).

I know little of BMIDE but that little has been enough to create a number of new attributes in a specific item_revision, modify the stylesheets in order to show that attributes in the rich client installation forms  and to map them correctly for use with NX.

What I'm trying to do is to automate che compiling process, if possible.

Here is my question:

Supposing I've these 3 attributes defining a triangle:




I could manually fill the 3  attribute values, example with 10; 20; 100

but I would like to know if it is possible to obtain that


gets automatically filled with the product of the expression


I know that there are ways to do it outside teamcenter, example using expressions in NX.

I'd like to introduce this sort of 'redundant' data as an attribute directly in TC because all other data needed to complete a datasheet tab are present in the item revision as attributes manually edited and this is the only derived data.

Hope it's clear enough and I'm not asking complete nonsenses


Thanks in advance




Re: combine Teamcenter Attributes

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I have not done this, but I think you can explore "Property Operations" to do this. Please share your findings as it could help many like me.

Re: combine Teamcenter Attributes


thanks a lot for the suggestion.

I googled a little and I believe this method should be the right one but I also believe it's above my present capabilities.

I'll try to implement it as far I can get some time to focus on it.



Re: combine Teamcenter Attributes


You can do calculations using DOS:

set /a x=3+5

will output 8.

So, you could use a workflow to output the values to an xml file, and then use an external script triggered by the worklfow to do the calculation.  Then, you need to import this value back in to Teamcenter.


I recently wrote a post which covers most of the processes involved to do this here:


So, if you have IPS you could use this to import the result, if not then you would have do it via PLMXML I guess.


Its a lot of work, but I guess it all depends on how much benefit it gives you.



Richard Bennett
PLM Consultant

Re: combine Teamcenter Attributes


You could create a small operation that is triggered on the item_revision save operation that calculates the value and sets the property. 


It’s also possible to create a runtime property that is calculated runtime by the session. See the documentation about creating the property.

Björn Andersson
Solution Architect
PLM @ Nibe AB