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concurrent engineering for Teamcenter

Hi, this is huge topic; I want to know how to achieve concurrent engineering in Teamcenter.
Recently I heard the word “concurrent engineering" in Teamcenter. But there is no experience for me to see business requirement from customer side. So I don't know how this concurrent engineering is achieved in Teamcenter.

Could you tell me the example of the concurrent concurrent engineering in Teamcenter?
Sorry my question is very rough. I know what the concurrent engineering is. But I don't know what concurrent engineering in Team center...


Re: concurrent engineering for Teamcenter

This term can be related to terms Check In & Check out in teamcenter.
Whenever a user loads a file. for ex. Opens .txt file from Text Dataset or .prt from UGMASTER in NX, the dataset is Checked-out by the USER and no other user can modify this file/datset unless the current user has checked it in with his own changes.

Re: concurrent engineering for Teamcenter

Thank you so much. I can understand it.