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create new column-config for a specific table in uiconfig.xml




I played around with import- and export-uiconfig in AWC3.3. Changing a existing column-config is no problem.

But currrently I need to modify a column which doesn't exist in the exported uiconfig.xml.


This is the part I need to configure:

<Client abbreviation="AWClient" name="AWClient">
<ClientScope hostingClientName="" name="Simulation" uri="Cae1Simulation"/>


I'am especially interest in finding values like:

  • columnConfigID
  • uri
  • name


A working column-definition looks like:

<Client abbreviation="AWClient" name="AWClient">
    <ClientScope hostingClientName="" name="Inbox" uri="fnd0Inbox">
      <ColumnConfig columnConfigId="inboxColConfig" sortBy="6" sortDirection="Descending">
        <ColumnDef columnName="object_name" objectType="WorkspaceObject" propertyName="object_name" width="300"/>
        <ColumnDef columnName="job_name" objectType="EPMTask" propertyName="job_name" width="300"/>
        <ColumnDef columnName="fnd0Assignee" objectType="Signoff" propertyName="fnd0Assignee" width="200"/>
        <ColumnDef columnName="fnd0WorkflowInitiator" objectType="EPMTask" propertyName="fnd0WorkflowInitiator" width="200"/>
        <ColumnDef columnName="due_date" objectType="EPMTask" propertyName="due_date" width="200"/>
        <ColumnDef columnName="fnd0StartDate" objectType="EPMTask" propertyName="fnd0StartDate" width="200"/>


The only way I know to find those values is to search in the web-console of the browser when loading such tables.


Is there some documentation or a howto to find the values I'm looking for ?