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Re: csv2tcxml/TCXML data migration in TC11.2.x




I am not creating any BOM's only items and datasets.


Can you create items and datasets at the same time or do you have to do them seperately?


I think I have the config correct and tried running the csv2tcxml.perl script to do the conversion but I am getting an error.


Attached are my CSV file, the log file and a screen shot of the CMD session.


The error says:  ERROR     : Header column count [0] mismatching row column count [10]


Do I have something set up wrong?


Also, some documentation I have says to set the GMS_tcxml_string_seperator to a semicolon but that config variable is not in my csv2tcxml_config file. Do I need to set that?




Re: csv2tcxml/TCXML data migration in TC11.2.x

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

@curt0724 - Looking at your csv file I see a potential issue. It shows your Revision is set to ISSUED? Shouldn't that be 1,2,3 or A,B,C?


You should be able to create both item and dataset as long as the item isn't already created in TC and you do not use the item=exist switch during conversion. Again, each version of TC runs a little differently and it is hard to keep it all straight, so you might have to do it as 2 seperate loads.


The default seperator is a comma and you are using that in your Item Name which could be causing your issue. First I'd try putting it in the csv2tcxml_file to set it. Look for this following section:


# Separator used in TCXML to split VLA attribute values.
# values: any string as separator



But if that doesn't work, to set the semicolon seperator you will run the following command in a TC CMD prompt. But make sure you set it back to comma or it will cause other issues in TC. 

preferences_manager -u=<dba account> -p=<password> -mode=import -preference=GMS_tcxml_string_separator -values=";" -scope=site -action=OVERRIDE


Jamie Griffis, Teamcenter ArchitectApplied CAx, LLC

Jamie Griffis | Teamcenter Architect | Applied CAx, LLC

Re: csv2tcxml/TCXML data migration in TC11.2.x


Thank you!