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decimal point definition



we have a new requirement to store measurements in teamcneter with 4 decimal places.


Storing it as a string is not not good enough, as the number is going to be derived using calculations run during a workflow. All display of the attribute MUST be in 4 decimanl places within Teamcenter.


This may sound like a "really" simple question, but is the correct way to approach this to use a Naming rule on a Double based attribute? I'm just curious to know if there is a more elegant way of doing this than using a naming rule.




Re: decimal point definition

see GTAC PR - 8885265

Re: decimal point definition

thanks for your reposnse.


However, at, the "fnd0DecimalDigits" property constant is unavailable.

I will, in the meantime, see if teh default of 4 decimal places will work (according to the PR).