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how to filter baseline in structure manager



We have a item type used as a root of a full assembly. We update the revision every week and baseline it. we used the any status; no working rule to select the released working revision to update the structure. The person usually used toggle precise and imprecise. This is the background.


Recently we met a problem that since it is a manual work in huge and complex assemblies, human mistakes happens. There are sometimes baselines in the strucuture. We only want the released working-in-process revision to show in that structure and baseline it.


My quesion is that: after we configure a structure in Structure Manager, is there a way to check if there are baselines left in that structure?


Appreciate your precious answers!  


Re: how to filter baseline in structure manager

If you just want to view Items with Baselined status, You can add new column in Structure manager column configuration -> Item rev Status. It will filter out different item rev status for you. Refer below snap.


 Let me know if this is what are looking for.

Swapnil Gawas
Testing, Teamcenter 11.2.x | Active Workspace 3.x

Re: how to filter baseline in structure manager

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Thanks for the answer. That is one way. we can also check the Rev ID to see baselines. But it is still quite hard to 1000+ parts and RELEASED AND BASELINED looks similar. 


So I found this BOM grading. I assume it checks something..