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kinematic dataset on item Creation setup in BMIDE


Hi experts!


As a new guy using BMIDE I'm in need of help understanding how I can create a kinematic dataset on the item revision level automatically when creating a item in Teamcenter (custom business item that i created in BMIDE). This custom business object is supposed to work as a compoundobject in Process simulate and should be able to be opened for modeling/end modeling. 


As i understand it I should be able to use the IMAN_save operation in the operation tab of the Custom object. By adding the extension createObjects on PostAction here I should  be able to select the arguments for KinematicRelations. 


However when browsing Extension (operation tab for the itemrevision of my custom object) i cannot select createObjects. Only Fnd0ValidationSavePost, automateAndLink, Fnd0TcifPostSave. 


I checked the availability on createObjects extension (extension folder) and i do not have the IMAN_save operation present on Item, ItemRevision. Nor can I add or edit the availability list. 


What i would like some help with is:


1) Am I thinking correctly regarding of how to create a automatic dataset on item creation in TC for my custom object?


2) If I am. how do I go about to add IMAN_save on the extension createObject?


P.S. If I am totally wrong i would love some help with some sort of guidance of how to setup the business object in BMIDE for creating a kinematic dataset on the itemrevision level in TC.




Re: kinematic dataset on item Creation setup in BMIDE

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In my Tc11.3 environment, I see createObjects available under ITEM_create_rev/PostAction.
Arden Bedell | Teamcenter Wonk | Applied CAx, LLC

Re: kinematic dataset on item Creation setup in BMIDE


I figured something might be different since i do not have it as an option and secondly I can not add/change in the availability list for createObjects extension. 


Im guessing that if that was possible to add createObjects on ItemRevision i would be able to achieve what I was trying. 


Any suggestions of why  the extension createObjects is uneditable in my environment?