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latest baseline display ontop

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Hi, all


So I just ran across this figure on a website. It has its lastest baseline displayed at the top, item revision at the bottom. 


How am I able to get that configuration display on my teamcenter? We want the same too. Thanks all!


update: this is can be done througn setting with  item_rev_display_rule preferences. But We used OOTB item type, this preference doesn't work on these item type. Any idea how to deal with that?


Re: latest baseline display ontop



For Item, I am able to set the displayable revisions using 'Edit --> Options --> Item --> Display...'

Item Displayable RevisionItem Displayable Revision


Do you have 'displayable_revisions' as a value in 'Item_DefaultChildProperties' preference?



Re: latest baseline display ontop

Thank you first. 


I did see them. But it only changed the display rule for OOTB item type on the left. For our item type, I have played around with all settings, they're just like dead bodies and won't change....rev_display.png

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‎04-24-2017 01:33 PM

Re: latest baseline display ontop

just a quick answer. in the option->item-> display, you can select item type. I chose OOTB item, soooo it changed the display rule. Then I select our PT item, it worked.