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"There is no user interface for classification libraries. You can display presentation layer nodes in My Teamcenter and search for data filtered by libraries in Active Workspace. Libraries are administered using the clsutility and lbrmanger utilities."  from calassification_admin doc.

How the presentation layer cab be displayed in my teamcenter?


I appreciate your help.




Re: library management

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Presentation Layer has least or no presence in RAC Teamcenter.

The real power, flexibility of presentation layer is unleashed in Active Workspace. Active Workspace is forward looking client interface and all the development is happening in that area. RAC enhancements are almost frozen.


The Presentation Layer (where underlying Classification objects are extended into this layer) delivers a workspace object capability in Active Workspace. Classification in AW is adding lots of features, some feature are unique to AW. Currently AW supports an efficient search, browse and filtering mechanism for already created Libraries using clsutility and lbrmanger utilities.


In future we also plan to developm Library Management authoring interfaces in AW where user can create or update new libraries.


If you are specifically interested in Library Management on RAC then you can look to our partner applications - BCT who have developed RAC based applications on this interface.