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no one can use Classification Admin except me?

Hi, experts,


We had this problem that no other dba can use Classification Admin but me. 


So I was the first one to get in there use CA module. I created a hierarchy. Then other dba wants to use it, the error message pops up as below. I am assuming every dba can go in there and change it. Did I miss some additional setup? 


I also I am not able to delete a storage class. It is referenced while nothing in it and under it, that is no sub-class, no ICO classified in it. How to check what else is referenced in Classification Admin..


 Finally, is this a crucial problem that I should contact GTAC? Thanks guys!!!


Re: no one can use Classification Admin except me?



I would first check if there are sufficient licenses to cover dba users using classification admin (classification_author).



Does Teamcenter syslog for the session throw any clues? license issues or something else?





Re: no one can use Classification Admin except me?

The issue ma be in licenses that not enougth.

Dont forget about new siemens licencing policy - naming license is attach to end users for a month after they'll do first check-out. Even you disactivate user in organization application the license still be attached to user.

It's teamcenter license tracking function