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not able to login in EDA client 2.0 for Teamcenter 10.1.6 & Altium Designer 17.0

Hello Team,


As per above subjected line, I have installed EDA client 2.0 for TC 10.1.6 & Altium Designer 17.0,

I am able to see the menu Teamcenter in Altium Designer,But while getting login it shows error,

i have tried for Teamcenter Gatway for EDA batch file also but same issue is coming,

please find below EDA log...





ERROR 2016-12-30 17:08:35,483 EDAExceptionHandler.handleException (InternalServerException)

com.teamcenter.schemas.soa._2006_03.exceptions.ConnectionException: A connection to the server was refused (

Ensure that server is active on this host ( and port (8080), or this is the proper URL.

                at com.teamcenter.soa.internal.client.HttpTransport.executeRequest(Unknown Source)

                at com.teamcenter.soa.internal.client.XmlRestSender.invoke2(Unknown Source)

                at Source)




                at com.teamcenter.edabase.gateway.EDAGatewayApp.setConfiguration(


                at com.teamcenter.edabase.gateway.EDAGatewayMain.startGatewayApp(

                at com.teamcenter.edabase.gateway.EDAGatewayMain.main(







while my 4T rich client and thin client are working with same port 8080 and pointing to same TC server,

please suggest your views as i am unable to trace the issue.