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nx teamcenter desktop folder

When I open a part in Nx, The Teamcenter integration is creating a folder on my desktop, Named the part number of the file I opened. Why is this folder created and can I controll where it is created, like any folder location other than my desktop.



Production: NX 11, TC11.2.3

Re: nx teamcenter desktop folder

This is the export folder and it is usually created in the temporary folder (TMP or TEMP).


How do you start NX in managed mode?

What is the working directory you are starting in?

Stefan Pendl, Systemmanager CAx, HAIDLMAIR GmbH
Production: NX10.0.3, VERICUT 8.0, FBM, MRL 3.1.4 | TcUA 10.1 MP7 Patch 0 ( | TcVis 10.1
Development: VB.NET, Tcl/Tk    Testing: NX11.0 EAP, NX12.0 EAP

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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: nx teamcenter desktop folder

Adding "chdir c:\test" to my startup bat file, moves where these folders are created.

Production: NX 11, TC11.2.3