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patch AW 4.1.3 error when importing preference NX_Supports_VISSC

Siemens Creator Siemens Creator
Siemens Creator
Hello, I am in the process of patching my TC12.1/AW4.1.1installation to AW4.1.3. Patching process stops after the following error : Executing ["c:\Apps\PLM\TcRoot\bin\preferences_manager" -u=infodba -p=***** -g=dba -mode=import -action=OVERRIDE -scope=SITE -context=Teamcenter -preference=NX_Supports_VISSC -values=true] Output from command: "c:\Apps\PLM\TcRoot\bin\preferences_manager" -u=infodba -p=***** -g=dba -mode=import -action=OVERRIDE -scope=SITE -context=Teamcenter -preference=NX_Supports_VISSC -values=true command_exit=-1073741502 If I re-launch TEM to finish the installation, an error message is displayed (pic attached to this post) I have : - reverted my VM back to initial state - imported manually the preference successfully - In patch.xml, I have commented the line launching the preferences_manager to import the preference NX_Supports_VISSC - i have restarted the patching process in TEM I obtain now a second error, this time with migrate_aw_commands script. patching process aborts again Relaunching TEM to try to finish the process displays the same message as in the first step (see picture attached) Any idea ? Thanks in advance Romain