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plmxml_import from Production to QA.


We need to import some parts from Production server to QA server.
When we tried to export the part from production, it got exported but while importing it to QA server, it is giving error as:
XML Element ====>
Processed Element [ExternalFile] Id [#id235]
Imported As ====>
ERROR-Occurred with Message:
#Severity #Code #Detailed Message
ERROR 1073 File C:\Users\admin\Desktop\TC10Test\dwg_Sheet_1.qaf does not exist

But when searching the part in QA TC, the part is imported with only one dataset, instead of all the datasets.


When again tried to export with -transfermode=justDatasetsOut and imported with -import_mode=overwrite, still giving the same error.

Note: The site ID for the QA and Production is same, but both are having different site name and different database.

Attaching the syslog and Log file for import command.


Does anyone got this problem? Please help!!