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ps_upload utility

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I am looking towards using this utility for a large data migration project. I was able to perform a simple test using a teamcenter item and confirmed this works. However, I am confused about some of the syntax options.


-c. Specifies the item class name to create. Specify either Item or Architecture.

     What is the difference between the two? In what scenerio would I use architecture?


-t. Specifies the default item type to create.

     So far, I have only been able to create a simple item. I tried others but an error message returned saying the item does not exist. Is there a list of items that are compatible? Do I need to use the behind the scenes TC naming convention for each item? For example, the Mfg0MEResource


And lastly, I have not been able to get the uom to work correctly. In the referenced sample script, it has "-," listed for the bolt. I assume this is the default setting but I really dont know. So when removing the "-," entirely, I was able to bypass the error and get the item created.


Thanks guys






Re: ps_upload utility

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I wouldn't worry about Architecture (another kind of Item). Here's an example of a text file for ps_upload:

#COL level  item  rev  type  name  occs

0@ 0@ A@ IS4_DocHolder@ Customer Level@ 
1@ 0.1@ A@ IS4_DocHolder@ Iridium NEXT SPS@ 
1@ 0.2@ A@ IS4_DocHolder@ Iridium Subscriber Air Interface@ 
1@ 0.3@ A@ IS4_DocHolder@ Iridium Block 1 Documents@ 
1@ 0.4@ A@ IS4_DocHolder@ Iridium Hosted Payloads@ 
1@ 0.5@ A@ IS4_DocHolder@ Iridium Launch Vehicles@ 
0@ 1@ A@ IS4_DocHolder@ System Level@ 
1@ 1.1@ A@ IS4_DocHolder@ System Interfaces@ 
1@ 1.2@ A@ IS4_DocHolder@ System Requirements@ 
1@ 1.3@ A@ IS4_DocHolder@ System Design Documents@ 
1@ 1.4@ A@ IS4_DocHolder@ System Integration and Test@ 
1@ 1.5@ A@ IS4_DocHolder@ System Verification@ 

And another example...


0@ 029-H102140@ 06@ IS4_Document@ Aireon System System Requirements Document@ 
0@ 029-H102141@ 09@ IS4_Document@ Aireon System Aireon Hosted Payload Requirements Document@ 
0@ 029-H102142@ 07@ IS4_Document@ Aireon System Aireon Ground Segment Requirements Document@ 

Hope these help you.


When I use ps_upload, I use it to create my Items. Then I use Live Excel to update all the properties, including custom properties. Finally, I use import_file to create any Datasets. The poor man's migration process.

Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
NX 11 | SW 2016 | Creo 4 | TcUA 11.4
Evaluating: AW 3.4

Re: ps_upload utility

What version of Teamcenter are you using? If you are on TC 10.1.5 or better then you should use TCXML.


Jamie Griffis

Senior Solutions Analyst, Mercury Marine PLM

Re: ps_upload utility

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Solution Partner Genius

10.1.6 I think. Would the TCXML work with item creation, dataset association, all automatically? As if I can just run a .bat file in the backround, after setting up the scripts obviously, and watch it run

Re: ps_upload utility

10.1.6 is good. Yes, you can create items and datasets and set their relations. I previously did them in steps and we did create a script to do it after it was tested.


In general here is my steps that I follow:

1. Import all admin data (org, projects, users, admin lov's, etc)

2. Create Items that will have BOM's only first (if you load the system with all items, creating BOM's is slower)

3. Create BOM's

4. Create all other items that do not have BOM's

5. Create datasets

6. Create relations


With IPS Uploader this took 102hrs, with TCXML it took 2.5hrs for 2 million objects. That is a small migration but it proved the method and timing.

Please note, if you are using gov_classification or ip_classification - propogation is broken with TCXML. It will set it but doesn't currently propogate it. I had to come back with IPS to fix it after the imports.


Look up the subject: csv2tcxml/TCXML data migration in TC11.2.x

10.1.6 is equal to the 11.2.3 release for csv2tcxml



Jamie Griffis