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"In Context" override on flag BOMLine.bl_is_occ_position_constrained...


Hello Group


We've got the following problem (we think that this is a problem, Siemens not!) in our Database. 

At first, we are running TC on a MSSQL 2014 Server in 4 Tier Architecture.

So, now our problem, we use the NX option "Synchronize assembly arrangements" in "Teamcenter Integration" area. We need this option, because we need to know the active arrangement of an assembly. When this option is active, NX did also set a BOMLine Flag called "BOMLine.bl_is_occ_position_constrained", for every component with an active assembly constrain in a specific assembly. This flag will set to "true" AND, this seems to be the poblem, creates an "In Context" override on this flag. 


Normaly TC is fire round about 900 SQL statements on structure expand for a testassembly, but with this override ist fires til 33000 sql statements! This takes a long time and we think its one big part of our Database performance issues. Siemens says this is "works as designed", but optimize the sourcecode in TC11.5 to make this calls faster. This seems for me like they try to heal the symptoms not the reason. 


We test this problem in a TC 10.1.7 OOTB and in an OOTB environment and had always this override, so its not our cusomization. I ask some other TC Admins if they have active this NX Option and if they have this override and they says, that there is no override on this flag. The difference between they and our system is, that they have an oracle based installation. 


Has someone an idea, why this flag has to be override? Maybe someone can confirm me that this problem is the same ore not on oracle based installations? Its very frustrating for our users because every TC job with any kind of structure expand is slow down they work. 


Thanks a lot