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"The Shared metadata cache cannot be updated" for TC 11.2



I installed TeamCenter v11.2 2tier and used it the day I installed it. But I got an error like the image(The Shared metadata cache cannot be updated) when I tried to use TeamCenter next day. And I solved this issue in 2 different ways. But the solutions I found are not continuous( When I power my computer off and on, I got this error again.) 


First Solution

I stop TeamCenter services. I run as administrator tc_2tier Command Prompt and I'm running the following commands in sequence.tc_first_solution.PNG


Second Solution


I open %temp% folder and I delete "V11000.2.0.20150715.00" folder.


I uploaded syslog and error image at the attachments. Do you have a solution suggestion? 



Re: "The Shared metadata cache cannot be updated" for TC 11.2

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

I disabled shared memory to fix my problems with it in Tc11.

Larry Carpenter, P.E.
CAxPLM Architect @ Siemens Molecular Imaging
Past Board Member @ PLM World, Inc,