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replace a fsc server same Hostname different IP


We have to change one of one our fsc server and move to another VM server , the new server will have a new IP address but we'd like to mantain the same hostname, the domain needs to be  changed. 

What action are needed before switch off the old fsc  and start the new one ?

Which is the best way in order not to impact the production? 

We are running on TC 10.1.2 

1 main FMS server + volumes

 3 FSC servers + volumes around the world





Re: replace a fsc server same Hostname different IP

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You shouldn't have any issues since you are keeping the same server name (and FSC name?). However, changing the domain can give you trouble (service start/stop; volume file permissions; specified FQDN). The FSC services should be using a domain account since you are running distributed FMS with access spread across several servers in order to maintain permissions. If you have to change this account then you'll also want to redo the permissions on the directories/files to match. Search through preferences for the server name and change wherever applicable. Change the FMS Master for the new FSC server name if you declared it as FQDN. Delete the FSC cache before starting the service. That should do it.

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