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I am working in teamcenter and would like to know how to have the workflow release an assembly while releasing all sub-assemblies and components as well. This workflow would release from the top down as opposed to having to release the compoents then the sub-assemblies then the top level. How do I adjust the workflow to release all children if they do not have a release status?


Re: teamcenter workflow

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There is an OOTB handler (EPM-attach-assembly-components) for this, but BEWARE. It's not the complete answer you might think it is. It doesn't have a good mechanism to handle components in the assembly that are already in another Workflow. The only option it allows is to skip adding a component that is already in another Workflow, so it is possible to status your assembly while one or more components are still modifiable and not yet statused. You'll have to expand your workflow to check for this scenario somehow (customization). We have had lots of problems due to this limitation and have gone back to the bottom up status progression method to eliminate this problem.

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Larry Carpenter, P.E.
IT Architect, CAxPLM Applications - Siemens Molecular Imaging
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