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two Siemens licenses on same server on different port number


Hello Admins, need help (I am working with siemens)


Due some buerocratic thing between GTAC and reseller, Siemens gave two separate license files

1. for TC

2. for NX floating


both are for same License server (Same composite ID), can i run two licenses on same server on diffrent port numbers? as of now GTAC person say i cannot and going to check with some otehr experts. 


We d have combined licnse file, but as i said "bureaucratic" reason, siemens is giving us/suggesting to run two files,i am seeing if i can still run both licenses ons ame servers but diff ports (so that i can keep existing NX port so that nx users are nto affected, just change TC license port)


Thanks in advance 




Re: two Siemens licenses on same server on different port number

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You can only run one ugslmd service on a server no matter the port. Your only options are to either combine the license files yourself or have GTAC combine them before issuing which is a problem when they are separate sold-to's.

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Re: two Siemens licenses on same server on different port number




It can be achieve if your company have got multiple SoldTo for differnt companies and a merge as be done during the years,  but it has some limitations as my example at the bottom.

The best is to get Siemens to consolidate the two license you have into one. Which shall not be a problem if the licenses are for same company (can be problem if there are sister companies and the license are owned by each other or some ownership percentage block this , etc, etc ) in the same country.

Just make sure you don't violate the compliance rules towards Siemens!


How do to:

- Open each of the license files in Notepad. (or any text editor)

- Copy one of the license files content to the other. Make sure you paste it at the bottom of the file.

- Now you need to edit the top section of what you pasted.

       Uncomment  the section: 
       #SERVER YourHostname COMPOSITE=Axxxxx 28000
       #VENDOR ugslmd

- Save the file to a new name.

- In the lmtools go to the tab "Config Services" and change the "Path to the license file"

- Restart the service and check the log file so all have started correct.


This works as long as you don't have the same package or license type in the two license files.

E.g let's say you have two Sold-To that contains the NX bundle NX11110 where license file 1 have #3 and license file 2 have #1. 

If you past license file 2 after 1 and check in the log you will see that you have #1 NX11110 available. the other two from license file 1 are superseded.

This is of course to prevent getting several license just by a copy process.


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Re: two Siemens licenses on same server on different port number


thanks experts.


Yeha you were right this becasue of two companies now merging, having one company with reserller and one with Siemens, 


Finally Siemens picthed in and provided and Combined Trial licence,while we go through all merging processes. 


Thanks Again