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Clearance Analysis Enhancements in Teamcenter Visualization 10.1

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Clearance analysis is a critical technology to validate virtual products for fit and form. Robust and fast analysis capabilities in combination with intuitive visualization aids are required for users to clearly understand the clearance results and quickly determine their disposition. With Teamcenter Visualization 10.1 we took a big step forward in making it faster and easier to use.


First, we make it easier for users to clearly understand the clearance results by providing better visual feedback with:

  • Penetration depth vector
  • Intersection volume display, and
  • Tri-color cross-section capping

In addition, we completely overhauled the clearance results panel to provide an intuitive user interface, allowing users to quickly:

  • Group clearance issues
  • Filter clearance issues
  • Search clearance issues, and
  • Disposition clearance incidents

You can leverage these improvements in deployments with a formal batch oriented clearance process for the entire products or in any ad-hoc usage scenario.


Penetration Depth Vector

In the past, Teamcenter Visualization represents the clearance interference regions by displaying the penetration points. In addition, users can now display the penetration depth vector associated with the clearance issue.


Clearance Analysis Penetration Depth Vector


The penetration depth vector represents exactly the “results” value in the clearance results list. Therefore, making it very easy for users to see and understand the calculated clearance value.

Simply check the Penetration Vector Show checkbox in the Clearance Results Preferences dialog to activate the display of penetration depth vectors.


Clearance Analysis Penetration Depth Vector Preferences


Intersection Volume Display

In addition to the penetration depth vector display, we've also improved the way intersection volume is displayed. With Teamcenter Visualization 10.1, users no longer required to perform clearance calculations based on BREP data in order to display the intersection volume.


Clearance Analysis Intersection Volume Display


Simply check the Intersection Volume Show checkbox in the Clearance Results Preferences dialog to activate the display of intersection volumes.


Clearance Analysis Intersection Volume Preferences


Tri-Color Cross-Section Capping

When cross-section display is enabled in the Clearance Results Preferences, users can now apply tri-color cross-section capping to make it easier to identify the interference regions.


Clearance Analysis Tri-Color Cross-Section Capping


Tri-Color cross-section capping is a new capability of the 3D cross-section module. Users can easily enable this capability in the 3D Cross-Section Preferences Dialog.


Clearance Analysis Tri-Color Cross-Section Capping Preferences


Improved Clearance Results Panel

Last, but not least, with Teamcenter Visualization 10.1 we have merged all commands and functions users need to view, analyze, disposition, filter and manage clearance results into a single user interface. Our main goal is to empower users to perform all clearance related tasks from a single clearance results panel.


Improved Clearance Analysis Results Panel


Clearance issues can now easily be grouped by any columns displayed in the clearance results panel. Simply right click on the header line of the column and select “group by tree column”.


For fast search/filtering based on the content of a particular column just click on the little arrow at the top of the column. Users can use the search box on top of the panel to search for a specific string. As users type in the search box, the display will automatically narrow down the list to display only relevant clearance results. Frequently used filters are easily accessible in a pull-down menu for users to further narrow down the clearance results list.


Finally, next to the clearance results list, users can now easily access the disposition panel. From this panel users can quickly view and/or add all disposition information for one or several clearance issues.


Clearance Analysis Disposition Panel


I hope you like these improvements that we've made to make clearance analysis faster and easier to use. Upgrade to Teamcenter Visualization 10.1 today to take advantage of these enhancements and increase your productivity. 


About the blogger: Martin Goeggelmann is the Teamcenter Product Manager responsible for Teamcenter Visualization