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Find What You Need Faster with Active Workspace Search

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

Welcome back! As Robert mentioned at the end of his introduction to the Active Workspace blog post series, I will continue the series today with a discussion on how Active Workspace can increase your productivity by helping you find what you need faster.


Finding the right data quickly is important because you want to be productive, to create and deliver innovative products without wasting your time searching for information. Active Workspace provides several intuitive ways for you to find the data you need to do your job faster.


I think it is better to show than simply tell you about Active Workspace, so I decided to experiment with a video blog format. In the following 12 minutes video I will walk you through an overview of key Active Workspace search capabilities.



Here's a summary of the topics that I covered in the video as well as the time code where each section starts to help you navigate through the video:


0:00 - search basics
3:26 - filter and breadcrumb
4:27 - pre-filters
5:28 - dynamically update search criteria
6:09 - boolean operators
7:42 - shape search
8:57 - advanced queries with grouping
9:38 - save and pin search
11:20 - in-context search 


I hope you enjoyed this video and you find it informative!


What do you think about the video blog format? How do you like it compared to the typical written blog with screenshot images format? Do you have any questions about the topics that I covered? I'd love to hear your feedback and questions, please let me know in the comments section below.

In the next post, my colleague Abhi Aklujkar will talk about Active Collaboration and how it can help you make smarter decisions.