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New Teamcenter Product Cost Management Capabilities

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On December 01, we released Teamcenter Product Cost Management 7.0 - a technical progression and an exciting step forward for cost engineers, finance, controlling, sales and purchasing.Teamcenter Product Cost Management is absolutely packed with new capabilities.

Here are the highlights.


Integration with the Siemens PLM Software portfolio – With the integration into Teamcenter we enable cost engineers to participate and contribute to the product development life cycle in an efficient manner without having to leave their application to get to the right information. What does this mean exactly?

  • Import a BOM: Teamcenter product costing users are able to import a configured structure of a BOM from Teamcenter. It is also possible to select the product variant definition from Teamcenter to assign costs for a specific variant.
  • Update a BOM: As the structure in Teamcenter evolves, the Teamcenter product costing users have the option to update the information from Teamcenter thus avoiding manual, error prone rework.
  • Viewer Integration: Introduction of 3D visualization capabilities to support product costing capabilities using Teamcenter Visualization as a Viewer embedded into Teamcenter Product Cost Management. Users have the ability not only to visualize and analyze – but also to extract cost driving features relevant for the product costing of a given part. Examples for cost drivers are basic parameters such as volume to calculate raw material consumption & weight, minimum bounding to drive processes such as chamber loading, etc. – but also technology related parameters such as projected surface area being able to select the appropriate injection molding machine from the knowledge domain.

Product Costing.pngCost Engineers have a visualization and analysis tool at their fingertips that allows them to see what the part they are performing costing analysis on actually looks like. In addition Teamcenter Product Cost Management is providing an initial set of parameters to drive the cost simulation. These capabilities reduce manual input and extract cost driving features from the geometry assets that previously had been locked away from the traditional costing domain.


These new capabilities gives users more flexibility and speed response time to changes in product design, material, manufacturing processes.


Additional Teamcenter Product Cost Management Capabilities:


Master Data Content

Within the release 7.0 the machine database and production sites were updated and extended.


Tool Costing and Technology

  • Cycle time calculator: Quick estimation of a cycle time for laser cutting and increasing the technological capabilities for purchase price analysis and target costing. Increased cycle time accuracy for injection molding.
  • Improved Search Functions: Faster search for tool calculations and easy reuse of historical calculations by an extension of searchable parameters.
  • Rework profile handling: Make handling and configuration of the profile less complicated and faster. Improvement allows faster adaption of new technologies and/or profiles for users in the implementation phase.

This new capabilities simplifies the costing process, requires less user input and provides more precise cycle time and cost estimates.


With our developments we provide our customers with more opportunities to drive savings to the bottom line.


Read more about Teamcenter Product Costing.


Is Teamcenter able to keep track of each variant and their specific cost ? 

Siemens Visionary

Teamcenter Product Cost Management is able to keep track of each variant and specific cost.


The variant is dynamic today, isnt it? So, when you create a variant of the structure, are you creating a cost that is saved as an instance as a named variant?

Siemens Visionary

During an import of a new variant from Teamcenter to Tc PCM the result will be a new structure in Tc PCM to differentiate between two variants. Tc PCM recognizes all the items that are included in both variants and therefore relates already existing price information to these items as well.  So the import of a different variant creates a structure that references elements from a previos imported variant.