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Out Of This World Material Innovations and PLM

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Material innovations are changing the way we live, play and explore.  Read on to learn how Teamcenter can help to manage the material data and processes that go into the development of material and product innovations.


material innovations 1.jpgDesigners at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory are researching a single new material to be used in space exploration that will reflect heat, absorb heat, and protect from flying debris. According to NASA, as stated in the Wired article NASA's Wild Fabric Is Basically Chain Mail From the Future by Elizabth Stinson,  "From the front of the fabric, rows of shiny, flat squares can reflect heat and light. On the back, a series of interlocking loops help the fabric absorb heat. Together, the single piece of material acts like a super-strong shield, protecting astronauts and spacecrafts from outer orbit’s deadly obstacles."

 Along with NASA, innovators continue to deliver products leveraging new material discoveries that amaze us and shape our world.  With a flux of new material data to manage as part of the product development process, companies must now rethink how they are managing their materials.  

With Teamcenter integrated material management, you eliminate material data silos and embed your material data right in to the product lifecycle.


Learn more about Teamcenter materials data management.


About the Blogger:

Kerri Doyle is a Siemens PLM Software product marketing manager for Teamcenter Product Sustainability, Materials Management, and Supplier Integration solutions. 



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Extreme materialization! Great illustration of what's up w/materials, even closer to earth - such as automotive - applications