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PLM Integrated Material Data Management: Can We Get the Best of Both Worlds?

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Material Data Management is one area where consistency should surely rule.  There’s too much scope for error if an engineer in one part of a company works off a different material definition from a designer somewhere else.  But, at the same time, companies need depth.  They’re looking to squeeze every drop from the rich materials data available to them. For example, they may want the properties used in design to be based on analysis of the latest available tests and to ensure that the latest material knowledge is utilized in the product assignment.  This can require them to manage and use a large and ever-changing body of data, covering subtle variations in material and product grades, physical conditions, processing routes, part geometries, and so on.  Do we have to choose between these two requirements: consistency and depth? This is one question addressed through two Siemens PLM Software partnerships, with Granta Design and thinkstep

The GRANTA MI system is used by many world-leading engineering enterprises to manage complex materials data, covering applications from design allowable determination for aerospace alloys, through test program management, to support for emerging materials technologies in composites and Additive Manufacturing. “GRANTA MI enables these organizations to author the materials information that is needed in product design and development, with full traceability back to the source data and analyses,” explains Dr Peter Cherns, Product Manager at Granta. “Our partnership with Siemens PLM Software integrates this vital ‘material intelligence’ into PLM.”

Siemens PLM Software and thinkstep have developed the Teamcenter Integrated Material Management solution to holistically manage the material lifecycle in the context of the PLM process. This assures that leading industries can standardize their material processes and procedures across the enterprise and business functions. Steering, transparency, consistency and information exchange for all material aspects are enabled by leveraging core Teamcenter capabilities such as requirements management, document and multi-CAD management, hybrid manufacturing, simulation, workflow, compliance, high end visualization, etc.

According to Lucas Dann, thinkstep Product Manager, Material and Compliance management: “Enabling a PLM system to handle the material lifecycle assures that the right material knowledge is applied, from the first product concept, to final production, to retirement. Teamcenter Integrated Material Management hereby enables the digital-twin for all material aspects throughout the product value creation chain”. materials management PLM.png

 Tedie West, Siemens PLM Software Teamcenter Product Manager gives some practical examples: “The Teamcenter Integrated Material Management solution allows for management and visibility of material aspects at each phase of the product lifecycle.  For example, Designers using NX can reach into the Teamcenter materials library to search for materials and create material assignments.  Simulation Specialists can ensure that they use the latest approved material definition during analysis and manufacturing.”

 At last year’s Siemens PLM Connection event, Granta announced GRANTA MI:Enterprise Connect. This enables organizations to define summary catalogs of materials from their GRANTA MI database and to schedule automatic synchronization of this data with Teamcenter Integrated Material Management, maintaining formal Teamcenter revision control. User organizations benefit from the full depth and traceability of material intelligence authored using GRANTA MI, while also being able to ensure consistency and support the digital-twin using Integrated Material Management capabilities.  The best of both worlds.

 materials data PLM.JPG

                 Combined Grant MI and Teamcenter Integrated Material Management solution


 A year on from the announcement of MI:Enterprise Connect, we have seen some of the first implementation examples – Denise Massa of General Motors has outlined a project that uses this technology in web seminars and will also speak at an upcoming webinar on materials data management, and at the Siemens PLM Connection 2017 meeting in Indianapolis, May 8 - 11. The PLM Connection conference will provide a great opportunity for anyone wishing to discuss materials information management requirements with Siemens PLM or Granta.  

materials lifecycle manaement.png What are the next steps? “We’re looking at how the system can be applied to more customer use cases, and developing it based on this experience – our aim is to increase further the flexibility we can provide to companies in both the data model and workflow,” says Peter Cherns  “We’re looking forward to some great conversations in Indianapolis that will help to move this process forward.”