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PLM on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Gains Momentum

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Siemens-PLM-NP-Innovation-The-Path-to-PLM-Cloud-in-10-Days-infographic-68997-A5.jpgNew customers get started with Teamcenter quickly and cost-effectively

Teamcenter customers around the world are discovering the value of deploying product lifecycle management (PLM) on the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS).  


Teamcenter is certified for cloud deployment to address the growing need for our customers to manage PLM as an operational expense, rather than an up-front investment in hardware, software, and consulting. Cloud deployment gives customers the world’s most widely implemented PLM software at an appealing price for many small to medium sized businesses.


NP Innovation, a developer of water treatment solutions, was one such company. With minimal IT staff and budget, and zero up-front investment, they recently implemented Teamcenter on the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS) in just 10 days.


Read the full case study to learn about Teamcenter PLM deployment with Amazon Web Services (AWS), or download the infographic below. 


NP Innovation uses Solid Edge. Another option for Solid Edge and NX computer-aided design (CAD) customers is Teamcenter Rapid Start SaaS (software as a service), which delivers PLM on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for immediate download. (Learn more about preconfigured Teamcenter Rapid Start PDM software, which can be deployed on the cloud or on-premise.)


Current Teamcenter customers transition to cloud

Besides the appeal to get up and running quickly and cost-effectively for new customers, many current Teamcenter customers are also exploring how they can leverage the deployment flexibility of Teamcenter on the cloud, especially as their global IT strategy embraces cloud computing.


The best way to see how companies are transitioning from Teamcenter on-premise to cloud is to join this community. If you're a Teamcenter customer, you can also learn what other Teamcenter customers are doing to deploy PLM with Amazon Web Services (AWS) by joining PLM World, the voice of Siemens PLM Software users worldwide, and attending the conferences worldwide.


At last year's Americas PLM Connection, Edwards Lifesciences presented a session, "Migrating Teamcenter to Cloud Infrastructure," where they made a strong business case for their Teamcenter migration to Amazon cloud. This year's event in Phoenix from June 4-7, 2018, will showcase Teamcenter strategies for Amazon Web Services (AWS). 


For customer executives, Siemens PLM Software's International Leadership Summit explores strategies for digital transformation, innovation, and insights, including the future of cloud computing. Last year's event featured America Makes. See the America Makes story for yourself by watching this webinar showcasing their work with Teamcenter and Amazon Web Services (AWS).





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Nice to see our customer in such a success story. Smiley Happy


When we first got in touch with this customer their big problem was to collaborate with CAD data when they where situated in many different cities and without any dedicated IT department. AWS gives very good performance at a rather low cost since Windows Server and MSSQL licenses is included in the monthly payments and also there are no up front investment for the infrastucture. We got the customer up and running very quickly and they are very pleased with Teamcenter for managing their BOMs.