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Right-Size PDM Serves Up the Right Meal for Small and Medium Businesses

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Looking for the right size product data management (PDM) solution for you? I think of shopping for PDM like shopping in an online grocery store - I know I can look through hundreds of products, but I’m mostly concerned about cost, time and quality. That’s why I click on the “1-click meals” button to choose a meal and drop all the ingredients right into my shopping cart. I especially like it when I can “heat and eat!”


You probably get that I think about food a lot, but I also think a lot about what it takes to buy PDM. Even if you’re a small to medium business, you must be feeling the need to get your engineering designs and documents under control.


In a survey by Kelton of manufacturers with under $100M in annual revenue, “Over two in five [42%] report that they currently deal with at least three different CAD software formats. And encountering multiple platforms frustrates nearly a third [32%] of software decision-makers.”

right-size PDM_serving.jpg


If you’re frustrated with your current systems and methods, but overwhelmed by the many PDM alternatives on the market today, think of it differently than searching for full-blown PLM. When you’re faced with a full “grocery store” of PLM capabilities, you need to shop for the right-size PDM solution that fits your “appetite and budget.”


If you work for a small to medium business, think about how much PDM you really need - what is enough and what is not enough. The search for right-size PDM is the topic of this brief video from Tech-Clarity and SIEMENS.



Are you ready to shop for PDM? Take a look at Teamcenter Rapid Start to see if it’s the right-size PDM solution for your small to medium business.