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SolidWorks PDM Made Easy

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SolidWorks PDM can be a challenge. Do you, like many other SolidWorks users or managers, find it difficult and time-consuming to find and re-use design data? How do you assess the impact of a design change? Are you spending time updating or maintaining multiple bills of material (BOMs)?


You may know you need a SolidWorks PDM solution, but choosing from the software options can be difficult. You need enough PDM to meet your needs today, but you may need more tomorrow.


To help you get started, watch this informative video from industry analyst Tech-Clarity:



Teamcenter offers a flexible portfolio to fit your needs from PDM to PLM, and now that Active Workspace is embedded in SolidWorks, you can access and use PDM without leaving SolidWorks. 


Watch this video to see how your design teams can quickly search and access SolidWorks parts, assemblies and drawings to save time trying to find and share design information.You can eliminate unnecessary change orders by ensuring that everyone is working from the latest design information.




With the Teamcenter solution for SolidWorks PDM, you can easily access functions such as search and reuse, structured workflows, change management processes, design relationships and more from within the native MCAD authoring environment.


SolidWorks PDM is available with both Teamcenter and Teamcenter Rapid Start, the preconfigured PDM solution you can deploy in one week!


Read the SolidWorks PDM fact sheet for details on the Teamcenter-SolidWorks integration. Or download the infographic below to see how you can deploy Teamcenter Rapid Start PDM quickly, and cost-effectively, with a growth path to PLM!